My Turn: We will decide

07-14-2024 8:01 AM


We the people will decide who will govern us. The next election will not be decided by the intelligence agencies, the news media, the politicians or the elites. We will recognize the difference between the truth and the narratives that we have been...

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Jim Bates: More degrees than a thermometer, zero common sense

07-13-2024 9:38 PM

Our state continues to hemorrhage citizens. According to IRS data and reported in The Boston Herald last month. This state lost $3.9 billion dollars in tax revenues in 2022.Buyers remorse for “Fair Share” millionaires tax, anyone?Yet, they’ll spend...

Connecting the Dots: A choice between rational and unhinged

07-12-2024 7:01 PM


Joe Biden is living in the wrong culture. Maybe we who are his supporters are also. Western cultures, especially America, are fevered youth and death-denying cultures with little or no respect for the wisdom that many elders gain over time. Unlike...

Becky George: A volunteer to celebrate

07-12-2024 4:17 PM

Fifteen years ago a man, recently retired from a valued career at Deerfield Academy, walked into Franklin Medical Center and offered his services as a volunteer. In the beginning he made the mailroom his staple position. Not an easy task, learning the...

As I See It: This is your brain on trash

07-12-2024 4:15 PM


During the last three generations, the focus of our consumption changed from primarily material things for comfort (like shoes and cars) to predominantly “mental” events for pleasure (such as entertainment like TV, internet, social media). So did our...

My Turn: On women, democracy and men

07-11-2024 8:02 PM


 The women were there first. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s likely been that way throughout history. Those were the people I found quietly holding signs on the village green on a Saturday some 20 years back. They’d been there for weeks —...

My Turn: Baby boomers and millennials meet … at the open convention

07-11-2024 8:00 PM


 There are few things that baby boomers like better than nostalgia. That is why a full house was on hand the other night at Tanglewood to listen to an extraordinarily peppy John Fogerty run through his catalog of hits backed by two of his sons.And...

My Turn: What to know about Party of No

07-10-2024 6:08 PM


 Throughout the history of our country there has been a pattern of shifting priorities for the political parties seeking power through elections. There has been some fluidity as people sought the party that best reflected their interests. One group of...

My Turn: Trump’s election will not be the fault of his supporters

07-10-2024 6:05 PM


 Just over a 100 years ago, in the presidential election of 1920, nearly a million people (3.4% of the popular vote) voted for a man in federal prison who eight years earlier had managed to attract 6% of the popular vote, although in number this was...

Danielle Miller: The Bible matters

07-10-2024 6:02 PM

Writer Kathe Geist doubts that legislators in Oklahoma “have read much, if any, of the Bible” [“A lot to learn from Bible,” Recorder, July 4]. After reading the column, I doubt the writer has read much, if any, of the Bible. It’s not a book about...

Angela Rovatti-Leonard and Scott Schmith, and Pat Hynes: If Peace signs could talk

07-10-2024 6:02 PM

I want to add an inspiring quote from the Carnegie Public Library in Turners Falls that was not included in reporter Erin-Leigh Hoffmann’s very good July 1 article, “Village effort promotes peace,” on peace signs in local shop and social organization...

Guest columnist Ian Rhodewalt: Biden should resign over role in genocide

07-09-2024 4:03 PM


 While it is true that President Joe Biden gave a historically disastrous debate performance, and the fallout in the following week put his chances of winning r-election in distinct jeopardy, we should not forget that he has been funding, abetting,...

My Turn: Biden should resign over role in genocide

07-09-2024 2:58 PM


 While it is true that President Joe Biden gave a historically disastrous debate performance, and the fallout in the following week put his chances of winning r-election in distinct jeopardy, we should not forget that he has been funding, abetting,...

My Turn: Other guy is the one who’s unfit for office

07-09-2024 2:58 PM


 Like a lot of people, I had my head in my hands and was downing shots while watching the recent presidential “debate.” And like a lot of people, I found myself hoping and praying for a replacement candidate and spinning through every “what if”...

Kate Lawless: Feminists — Fight for justice for all

07-09-2024 2:55 PM

Regarding the recent column by Patricia Hynes [“War on women going strong,” Recorder, June 30], I agree with it all — almost.It’s true: Misogyny is going strong everywhere in myriad ways. However, please leave the trans folks out of this. No trans...

Matt Vallière: Tough cases make bad law on assisted suicide

07-09-2024 2:55 PM

A writer’s recent letter about her friend’s experience with assisted suicide highlights a deeply personal and painful situation [“Choosing medical aid in dying,” June 25], but it’s crucial to address the broader implications of legalizing assisted...

Carmen Aliber: Abuse Survivors Celebrate Freedom from Coercive Control

07-09-2024 2:55 PM

Last week as America celebrated its independence, so too did thousands of Massachusetts domestic abuse survivors. Thanks to the unanimous, bipartisan support of our state legislators, the passage of H 4744, An Act to Prevent Abuse and Exploitation,...

My Turn: A teacher’s love letter and farewell to Greenfield Middle School

07-08-2024 4:20 PM


 Yesterday I formally resigned from my position as a special education teacher at Greenfield Middle School. Today I woke up with a very heavy heart. I’m not questioning my decision. I think the new position I have accepted is the right move for me...

My Turn: Religion, science out the window in this cult

07-08-2024 4:11 PM


 With the emergence of the MAGA movement, religion and science were thrown out the window along with the baby and bathwater. Instead of religion and science leading America down the path of prosperity and righteousness, we encounter a malignant cult...

Joanne Bernot: Irony and hypocrisy over insults

07-08-2024 4:09 PM

Joe Biden — Crooked Joe, Sleepy Joe; Michael Bloomberg — Little Michael; Elaine Chow — Coco Chow: Hillary Clinton — Crooked Hillary, Crazy Hillary. This is just a very small sample of Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric. He is the master of insults. He is...

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